Chcesz do nas dołączyć, ale nie wiesz czy Ci się spodoba? Zapraszamy Cię na specjalną wycieczkę po O4 gdzie pokażemy wszystkie najważniejsze rzeczy i opowiemy Ci o co w tym wszystkim chodzi!

    Nasza ekipa oprowadzi Cię i odpowie na wszelkie pytania. Zapraszamy do nas w ciągu tygodnia, wycieczka trwa około pół godziny :) Zarezerwuj termin:

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    O4 Coworking workshop

    Why do we do it?
    We believe that sharing knowledge is important. We know that it is a key to success! We love learning from the best, this is why we want the same for you! Believing that development is priceless, we invite experts in various fields to our O4 coworking. Thanks to them, you will develop skills in various areas!

    What do we guarantee?
    Knowledge! Of various topics! This is why we prepare many meetings for you to learn only from experts and practitioners. There will be no boring lectures, only the most valuable content. What shall we surprise you with? Active learning during workshops and meetings with you and field experts as their co-authors! Personages from the business environment who willingly and energetically share their knowledge and experience will be in charge.

    For whom? 
    For the ambitious people willing to grow! It is not important whether you are working on a project or on some issues in the organisation, whether you are a freelancer or a student: the workshops are for those who want to be above the average. For everyone willing to get practical knowledge from experts.

    What are the benefits for participants?

    While working at the workshops, you will get a lot of feedback from practitioners who will help you improve your projects.



    Plan your NEW YEAR successfully, … let’s start planning!
    We will begin the year 2019 with a workshop dedicated to those interested in project management and time management. It will be a great opportunity to meet many experts and practitioners in the area. 

    Be effective, … effective marketing and sales!
    The greatest brands would not have been successful without their great traders and marketing departments.
    Therefore, if you would like to guarantee growth to your company and projects, be sure to consider the fact that we will talk and teach about two very important pillars of business this month: marketing and sales. Workshop led by experts and practitioners who know which way the wind blows.

    Magnetic power of the image, … employer branding!
    Even though March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb, image building is an ongoing process that never ends. Changing trends, new technologies or new employees entering the labour market force us to learn all the time and acquire knowledge of EB. This workshop is for you if you want to be in the flow and catch up with changes.

    Speak like a TED speaker‎, … the art of presentation!
    Excellent public presentations are not a matter of talent but rather a normal skill, just like biking or computer operation. Talking to people and winning them over is not easy but it is something you can learn. This month, you will learn about a few tested rules that will help you move the crowds.

    V MAY
    Video time – let the film begin, … a workshop about the creation of podcasts, webinars and videos!
    It has been known for a long time that “moving pictures” sell things effectively. How to make films, webinars and podcasts effective sales tools?  How to take advantage of their potential while promoting our business and project? The success of a video depends on many factors that will be discussed at the workshop in May.

    VI JUNE  
    Let us plan together!

    Making your wishes come true is what we are good at, this is why we will be happy to hear what workshops you need or which topics you would like to learn more about.

    What workshops will we organize?

    Topics of individual months are known already! Current events can be found on the O4 coworking website here:

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    Are you interested in something else? Would you like to explore a completely different subject? Tell us about it! We will organize what you need most!

    Would you like to know more? Write to us:


    … the month of savings.

    Let us talk about money or, to be more precise, about finance, home and project budgets.

    It is windy and cold outside but our place is creative, educational and fun… creativity workshops!

    The modern world forces us to adopt a creative attitude in many situations; this is why we should develop our creativity all the time. Creativity helps us at work, allows us to achieve better results and be more efficient… Therefore, we will learn how to invent, create and “open our minds” skilfully in November.

    The month full of magic, ideas, … do it yourself … agility workshops!
    We invite all those who love creative fun to be creative together. Various creative workshops will be held this month; we will cook, make natural cosmetics and many other interesting things!