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    New polish survey: Coworking – I want it that way.


    • currently there are around 19,000 coworking spaces in the world!
    • almost 1.7 MILLION people from all over the world have chosen this style of work!
    • coworking is the future of companies!

    But how is it looks in Poland?! Just check it! Here you have an amazing report about polish coworking spaces made by one of the biggest coworking spaces in Poland – O4 Coworking.

    „Coworking management is a surprisingly intense and challenging job. Between the breakfast for coworkers and setting the budget for the next quarter, the uniqueness of the experience of working in such a place may be overlooked. I realised this last year during the second edition of the „Coworking Now!” Conference, and it came back to me now – while working on this report. How great it is to meet my professional colleagues and learn about their experience! How refreshing and inspiring it is to learn that we share the same worries and similar joys! – Marta Moksa”, CEO O4 Coworking.


    Coworking. I want it that way:

    Section I Coworking Trends 2019

    Section II Coworking. What’s up?

    Section III Coworking. What now?

    Section IV Coworking. What’s up Poland?

    • Coworking Idea
    • How to do it well?
    • Coworking and freelancers. Zoom in.

    Section V Why networking?

    • Mix & Match
    • The hardships

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