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    infoShare Academy in O4 Q&A.

    infoShare Academy in O4 Q&A.

    We teach programming from scratch and we are making job finding easier. Within two months, in an inspiring atmosphere you will be able to become a professional programmer.

    You will learn in practice modern programming languages, techniques and tools. You will learn to work in a project team. You will build a portfolio of projects that will become your calling card for a prospective employer. You will prepare to work for the best technology companies, and we will help you find the employer.

    Thanks to our partners, you can count on a partial financing support for the payment for the course.

    1.    What we do?

    Trainings for people who want to change their careers and become a programmer, expert training for technology companies, implementation of adaptive methodologies and IT professionals recruitment.

    2.   We know most about: technology, programming, SCRUM adaptive methodologies, Agile, Kanban, conducting IT trainings and recruiting workers.

    2.    What others can learn from us? How does the IT market in the Tricity and Poland works. How to prepare an amazing training. Arts of programming.

    3.    Our biggest success is educating nearly 100 programmers from people with no previous experience. Building a group of several dozen trainers/practicians, specialists in their fields. Implementation of Scrum in, among others, an international sales company.

    4.    Our ideal client is:

    • a person who is motivated to acquire a new profession and finding a job as a programmer after the course,
    • a company that cares about the development of their employees and is looking for a quality training with a modern technology,
    • a company that is looking for support in the headhunting or bodyleasing recruitement model.

    5.    Our plans for the future: 

    Here are the courses that we run and plan for the near future:

    •  Front­end Developer
    •  Java (+JEE) Developer
    •  Webmaster
    •  JavaScript Developer
    •  Tester
    •  Android Developer

    6.    Outside of work, our passion is billiards, Kaszuby region, climbing, windsurfing, running.


    Where are they: O4/Floor1