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    How to Get Noticed Globally?

    How do you become an influencer? How do you stand out in the American marketing space? During the “From Entrepreneur to Influencer: How to Get Noticed Globally” event, organised by Brand24, GetResponse, Inbound Junction, InvestGDA and O4, we were trying to find the answers to all those questions.

    More about our speakers:

    Murray Newlands – entrepreneur, investor, speaker, Forbes and Entrepreneur columnist. Author of “Online Marketing: A User’s Manual”.

    John Rampton – entrepreneur, influential Internet columnist, naming himself a connector. Placed 3 on the Top 50 Online Influencers in the World list created by Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes columnist.

    Dennis Mitzner – journalist, writer, storyteller. Permanent TechCrunch, The Next Web, Fast Company, InformationWeek, Venture Beat, Yahoo and columnist for many others.

    Piotr Bucki – coach, storyteller, influencer. Co-founder of the World Travel Passport. Regular Malemen, Characters, Dolce Vita and Prestige publicist.

    The meeting was extremely inspiring, and the knowledge passed on was supported by solid experience. Experts described the route from idea to success. We also talked about what strategies should be used to stand out from the crowd – an entrepreneur can become an influencer, and affect the industry in which they operate. The most important thing is to be an expert in what you are talking about. Another component of how to appear in the media is a good pitch – that is, selling your idea. This must be more than just basic information, it must be a well-told story, one that stands out and that can intrigue a potential client. The road to becoming an influencer is not easy and requires long-term measures such as establishing a good relationship with the media, networking with other influencers, practicing the pitch, and telling interesting stories.

    Today’s media world, thanks to the Internet, gives us opportunities that were not available in the XX century. Now you can just start a blog, vlog, YouTube channel or Instagram and you are able to publish. Recipients of our content are our allies. As emphasized by Piotr Bucki – they are people who think like us and that they must be the first to be “infected” by our content. Keep in mind that the message that the directed at them must be simple and transparent, leaving nothing to the imagination. Only in this way we will avoid misinterpretation of our intent, and a disastrous wrong impression.

    When it comes to marketing activities for the brand, remember that the message should arouse emotions; it shouldn’t be unremarkable, and must be adjusted to the requirements of our audience. Understanding this principle can be the key to effectiveness. We ourselves choose particular brands every day, becouse they feel close to us for a variety of reasons (sentiment) or those that complement us (self-esteem). This is particularly important in the US market, which is already oversaturated with marketing. It is the largest, most dynamic market in the world, and is much more difficult to break into than to Asia or Europe. Therefore, the choice of tools which we will use to support our brand must be very well considered.

    All these issues were discussed on Monday afternoon in the conference in Jupiter conference room, on O4’s the ground floor. From the backstage conversations of the participants we heard that it was a great brainstorming session, which inspired many of them on the topic of how to be an influencer.