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    Coworking Now 2019 – join us !

    The third edition of the Coworking Now conference is coiming. We are referring here to Coworking Now, two previous editions of which have brought to Gdańsk over 300 representatives of coworking spaces, large companies, in particular managers of HR departments, real estate agents, local government officials and all those interested in coworking.

    It is widely known that coworking as a space for work as well as an ideological movement is dynamically developing all over the world. Showing the benefits of working in a coworking space as well as the opportunities that collaboration of coworking spaces with local governments or a freelance community with large companies can bring is extremely important for the labour market and business development in Poland. It pays off for each party – work requiring creativity, innovation, teamwork and commitment is performed more effectively in the world supporting coworking. This, among other things, is promoted by O4 Coworking by organising the Coworking Now conference.
    The coworking celebration takes place on April 4-5, 2019 in the business heart of the Tri-City – Olivia Business Centre, or more precisely, in one of the largest coworking spaces in Poland – O4 Coworking! This is the right time to save this date and prepare for a huge dose of knowledge during the third edition of this unique conference.

    For two days, during Coworking Now, we will focus on relationships in the work environment, sharing knowledge and effective networking – the values that result in real businesses. We will host international speakers who will share with us their knowledge and experience – discussing topics related to trends and innovations for coworking spaces and companies. “From the first edition, we focus on the content – we bring specialists from around the world, and our aim is for the participants of the conference to leave with a great deal of knowledge and inspiration. We have invited, among others, Carsten Foertsch – the most recognised researcher of the coworking movement in the world, Beatrix Bedo, the creator of Impact Hub, who knows everything about the financial balance. Polish specialists will be there as well – the presence of, among others, Piotr Bucki and Przemysław Chimczak is confirmed. We are still announcing more speakers.” – says Martyna Czarnobaj-Borowska, Project Manager at O4 Coworking.

    What’s more during this edition there is a series of specialist meetings and workshops waiting for you about how to form effective business collaboration, how to effectively sell and how to achieve financial balance, efficiently communicate with coworkers and business partners.  

    Also during Coworking Now, the results of the second edition of the only survey in Poland on the Polish coworking zone will be presented. “The receipt of the first edition of the report exceeded our expectations, and the report itself turned out to be a hit – this is why this year we undertook to examine the Polish coworking zone. We went a step further – we not only examined coworking spaces through the prism of their operators, but we also examined freelancers and their needs, coworkers and whether coworking really strengthens their business, and we also looked at large companies and corporations to check their possible correlations with coworking spaces. Our report will be a source of inspiration not only for coworking spaces, but also HR departments or real estate managers” – points out Katarzyna Bobińska, marketing manager at O4 Coworking


    Who do we especially invite for this edition?

    • Coworking leaders who want to get valuable knowledge and practical tips!
    • Presidents of large companies, HR department managers who want to create an ideal environment for the development of their employees.
    • Local government officials, representatives of ecosystems (Parks, Zones, Incubators), who actively participate in the development of the business community
    • Real estate agents, who want to know the benefits of coworking space in the business center.
    • You!, a person who is interested in coworking topics, or who wants to find out what all this really is about!



    • 16 SPEAKERS, 21 VALUABLE LECTURES! – all this in one place during a two-day conference
    • BUSINESS IS RELATIONS – – we host speakers from around the world who know everything about building a community.
    • A HUGE DOSE OF KNOWLEDGE – we focus on the contents! For the third time, we are bringing practitioners from around the world to share with you valuable knowledge and practical tips.
    • THE ONLY REPORT IN POLAND ABOUT COWORKING – learn the results of a report on networking and changes taking place in Polish coworking spaces and other workplaces
    • ATMOSPHERE – spending time together at the seaside, an evening party – loads of networking !
    • TOP EVENT – Coworking Now is one of the world’s most important conferences in 2019 – this is why you must be here! So claims – the world’s largest website about coworking. We confirm that!


    • currently there are around 19,000 coworking spaces in the world!*
    • almost 1.7 MILLION people from all over the world have chosen this style of work!*
    • coworking is the future of companies!*
    • coworking is a space where companies from different worlds meet in one place, becoming a partner, investor, ambassador or mentor for each other – collaboration is what counts!
    • coworking space is not an office – it’s a lifestyle!

    As they say: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!” – this is how the largest businesses in the world are created!

    Tickets at a great price are available until February 28, at:

    More information: