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    BetterSolutions in O4 Q&A.

    BetterSolutions is a tech company that specializes in the production of ICT systems. Since 2009, the company develops a portfolio  of original systems, and performs research and development projects. The mission of BetterSolutions is a dynamic and sustainable development of innovations that stimulate the growth of the customer’s business, and at the same time meeting the needs and expectations of the social environment. The company has implemented dozens of systems for customers around the world such as Tabaknatie NV (Belgium), Döhler GmbH (Germany), Dellner Components, Mlekpol (Poland) or Dansinn Group (Hong Kong).

    1.    We know most about: creating space information systems (GIS), solutions using optimization algorithms for planning and routing systems and technologies based on telematics, telemetry and Internet of Things. Technology and target solutions created by BS are used in the manufacturing industry, agriculture, automotive, intelligent transport systems, smart cities, and in the space sector in the area of the so-called “downstream applications”.

    2.    What others can learn from us?

    BetterSolutions managed to build strong partnerships with technology leaders in Europe. We cooperate with entities such as Indra (Spain), Acciona (Spain), Thales (France), Tecnalia (Spain), TomTom (Netherlands) and Daimler (Germany). We are strong in product development and technology through research and development projects. An example would be a project called ACCUS under which together with a consortium of nearly 30 partners from 9 European countries we have worked on ta “smart city” platform.

    3.    Our biggest success is a Logistics as a Service platform called BetterMap. This platform is from 2013 successfully implemented in the dairy industry under the trade name MuuMap. This system provides comprehensive support for all processes and operations in the management of logistics and transport resources in the enterprise. The company supports at this point several dairy farms, which translates to more than 20% of the Polish market of milk processing. Already the use of our system reduces the total distance traveled by the vehicles of our customers with a million kilometers per year.

    4.    Our ideal client is a one with which we were lucky enough to work up to now: someone who is not afraid of change that entails the implementation of innovations; a one that wants, because of the innovations, to optimize their business; someone who wants their organizations and their service to be better and better.

    5.    Our plans for the future: continuation of work on the internationalization of our platform BetterMap: talking with foreign partners, shipping and logistics companies, representatives of the automotive industry. We are also strengthening the company’s position in the world of European R & D, we are involved in further international scientific and industrial consortias, we are a member of the ARTEMIS Industry Association.

    6.    Outside of work, our passion is a pro bono activity for the development of our regional innovation system. The company management has long been involved in the development of the Pomeranian ICT Cluster Interizon. The company is also a member of the partnerships responsible for the implementation of the strategy of regional specialization in Pomerania.


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