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    Art in a business environment.

    Did you notice that several interesting art installations and sculptures appeared in O4 at the end of last week? Today we are explaining the genesis of the idea. Student of the arts Jakub Szałek has the answers.

    Q: On Wednesday, various artistic installations and sculptures appeared on two floors in O4. Is O4 turning into an art gallery?

    Jakub Szałek: Partially, yes. We want art to find its place in our coworking space. We invite a variety of artists, not only from the Tricity, to display their work. The installations will be changed once a month or two.

    Q: Tell us more about the idea.

    JS: Contrary to popular belief, art intersects perfectly with business. Works of art perfectly blend into the office space, giving it color and awakening the imagination. We came to the conclusion that in O4, a place where there are so many creative people from many different industries, and coworking is becoming a way of life, we lack a bit of artistry.

    Q: Can proximity of art have an impact on business people?

    JS: Definitely. We are actually planning to carry out twelve types of workshops, such as sculpture, graphics, calligraphy and painting, to broaden perceptions of the world, especially for people working with structural or technical skills. Once our space becomes a gallery, we wish to bring the art to life with music. I think this will encourage spontaneity: artistic, creative chaos, even creative madness.

    Q: Are these installations made by one author or several? Who curated it?

    JS: Our exhibition is a bridge between O4 and the guild of artists, a great workshop called WL 4, which brings together artists from different fields. So far Czeslaw Podlesny, Adriana Majdzińska, Bente Kluge (Norway), Przemysław Łopaciński, Rafał Borkowski, Anna Bem-Borucka, Izabela Borkowska presented their work. They are authors of international renown, lecturers of the Academy of Fine Arts and exhibition curators. I chose part of the installation personally, but I first let the artists present what they think best fits O4.

    Q: What happened to the boat from Suwałki? Is it also going to be a work of art?

    JS: (laughs) Maybe, but the artists didn’t see my beautiful boat, handmade by a carpenter from the Suwalki region, as an artistic object. The boat is going to be installed this Saturday on the second floor with a crane, and will serve as an additional place to rest, meet or sail towards your dreams.

    We invite you to draw inspiration from the creative installations and sculptures exhibited in O4. It is worth noting that you can also purchase the art. Talk to Jakub Szałek who is the point of contact with the artists.