9 August 2016

Project Murphy – bot will tell you the truth.

Microsoft, for some time now, has been experimenting with the technology bots (automatic mechanisms for specific purpose) – primarily used in Skype. There is already more than 30 bots – they can be tested on : https://bots.botframework.com/. You can find there a bot that can judge your face without emotions, a bot that will find flights for your travelling plans, find concert tickets or make a cat meme. The number of bots grows every day 🙂

Few days ago they’ve created Project Murphy – a bot that you can ask “What if..” questions and wait for the effect 🙂

You can ask questions mainly through Skype and Messenger – check it out by yourself: https://www.projectmurphy.net/ .

Here you can see some of our “artwork” 😉 – you can add yours in the comment section:







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