20 September 2016

BigLetter in O4 Q&A.

BigLetter is a company from the translations industry, having its registered office in Gdańsk and Warsaw. They specialize in translations into more than 40 languages, both written and oral. In addition, we also organize international conferences for language services. They offer also language teaching. As they say, they are distinguished by their ability to accurately recognize the needs of customers and individual and flexible approach.

We know most about: languages and translations.

What others can learn from us: how to do translations.

Our biggest success is: is being on the market for seven years, with so many competitors and other translators.

Our ideal client is: a person who knows what translations are, because of with that kind of client is easier to talk and show the pricing. Our ideal client respects the quality of our work and what we do. He knows that behind the quality of our translations lies hard work like internal adjustments made by our customer service representatives.

Our plans for the future? To enter the German market.

Outside of work, our passion is working in the garden and relaxing with our family.

Website: www.bigletter.pl

Where are they: O4/Floor 1/Room 1.6-1.7

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