12 September 2016

Avaus Marketing in O4 Q&A.

Avaus Marketing Innovations Poland provides their customers with a comprehensive support in the implementation of programs and processes to automate the marketing, including, among others, choosing the right software, its full implementation and integration with the customer’s infrastructure, as well as the development and implementation of an appropriate strategy and a detailed action plan. We offer advanced analytics and profiling of users, automated sales lead generation and optimization and marketing automation development activities in the organization.

Our primary goal is to maximize profits and optimize customer costs, the integration of the sales and marketing activities of sales and marketing and the provision of customer experience at the highest level.

We know most about: marketing automation, both in terms of methodology and technology.

What others can learn from us: how to improve sales and marketing, how to properly choose the technology to specific goals and expectations, how to ensure the best end-user customer experience.

Our biggest success is: being one of the most recognizable and innovative service providers in the area of marketing automation on the Scandinavian market.

Our ideal client is:  a company open to innovation and new technologies and focused on dynamic development.

Our plans for the future? Currently, we are being focused on strengthening our position on the Scandinavian and Polish market. We are also planning for the nearest future further expansion into the markets of Western Europe.

Outside of work, our passion is multiple passions! Among many: bicycles, motorbikes, running, paragliding and ultralight aircraft, and … caravanning.

Website: www.avausmarketing.fi/pl/

Where are they: O4/Floor 2/Room 2.5-2.6

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