Over 50 companies, over 800 members – each of them is a potential “unicorn”! Well, maybe not EACH of them but a lot of ideas, either born or developed in O4 can achieve global success. It’s good to be a part of it. Why is it worth to join our community as an investor?

We are investors too

As a part of O4 there are few successfully working investors – and team that makes O4 consists of professionals with 20-year experience in the field of startups. We consciously focus on specific areas: scalable technologies (especially those improving quality of life) or space industry and, at the same time, building a differentiated community that completes one another skills.

First clients? They’re here!

As a part of international business environment we support building real business relationships between the creator and recipient of the most interesting technologies.

We make Mentoring Program – no better approach to conscious choice!

Thanks to thoughtful, well prepared and real Mentoring Program, potential investor and startup have a chance to build a strong and healthy relationship that might become a success for both of them.

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