You’re about to graduate and you start thinking about what to do next – find a job or start your own business? Or maybe you already know what do you want to do, but you don’t know where how to start? We created O4S program for students, both those who have only just began their student career and those closer to adulthood.

We integrate students in Tricity

Scientific circles from all public and private schools in Tricity (but not only!) can organize workshops for other schools and entrepreneurs, and spread their knowledge, promote themselves as young professionals and meet people who would make their start in adulthood nicer.

We help choose well

As a part of yearly student program we created a career path that begins with personality test and ends with meetings with mentors that will result in internships or other forms of support.

We connect the worlds

O4 works also, for example, in Boston – thanks to this students at O4 have a unique opportunity to meet their peers from prestigious schools in Boston. How could they benefit depends only on them!

We evangelize – coworking is the best!

If someone’s supposed to feel good in a coworking it would be the young, looking for the best options for themselves, with door open to big companies and investors. A year like that in O4 can really change one’s life!

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