Hey! Are you starting your own business? Great! Congratz! We know that this is a huge and bold step in the right direction so we are here to help you in developing your career.

Come to O4 – the best place in the area to successfully grow your ideas. Here’s why:

Big businesses around

We are surrounded by big, experienced and successful companies – Amazon, Energa, Bayer, PwC, Playsoft, SII, Goyello and many others. They can and will help you, use it.

Network the hell of our held together events and use the experience.

Mentoring support

You know the saying – “you learn from your mistakes”?  We’ve all heard it – do we really need to repeat the same mistakes, though? Of course not. Check out our mentors. They really know what they are talking about. They’ve already done it. They’ve already learned what you should learn. Just go for it!

 Funding options

Our on-board venture company – BlackPearls has already invested around 10 m EUR in over 30 startups. If you’re looking for funding for your development and have an amazing idea or already working MVP – come to us. We can make it big together!

Here’s what Bartek Rychlicki, CEO of Quantum Labs and the winner of 2016 Best Startup Award has to say about O4 and startups:

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