Education is our „thing” – READ MORE 

Educators – those less or more professional, civil, with mission, passion and interesting knowledge – they’ll always have our support. We are particularly open to interesting classes for youth, workshops related to personal and business development and mentoring. Who are we looking for? Why is it worth to look for us?

We have a lot of educational experience

As a part of O4 there is for e.g. InfoShare Academy (the only IT school like this in Poland – read more), private middle school Thinking Zone (read more) and language schools. It’ a priceless experience connected with the needs of organizators, participants and business partners.

We have clients database prepared

In the first place, it is few thousand members of Olivia Business Centre community (or their family members) that make use of the classes for children and teenagers, workshops for adults or computer programming academy. Recipient of these services are also big companies from OBC.

We have a well-thought Mentoring Program

Our vision of education, based on experience and knowledge, we have precise aims about educational support. We want to support education that shapes one’s thinking, resourcefulness, project and team work. It’s not so hard to persuade us to collaborate in these fields, especially when it comes to O4 Mentoring Program. Program, that is not supposed to be another promotion of “the face on a wall” but real support and cooperation between top class experts and beginner entrepreneurs.


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