grabskimaciej-6Maciej Grabski

is one of the most dynamic investors and enterprise organizers in Pomerania. He is one of the creators of the success of Wirtualna Polska SA as its first investor and board member responsible for business development.  In addition, he deals with acquisition and restructuring of undervalued enterprises. Maciej Grabski is the creator of Olivia Business Centre – the biggest, with the exception of Warsaw, business and office centre in Poland. This investment proved to be vital in changing the image of both Gdańsk and its metropolis.


Marcin P. Marcin_KowalikKowalik

Co-founder and Managing Partner of Black Pearls VC. He specialises in projects related to life quality technologies, in particular intelligent transportation systems (ITS), education and downstream space sector. Prior to founding the firm, he was an entrepreneur and investor with over a decade of experience in business. He actively supports the development of the Polish economy through participation in the Committee of Stakeholders of the National Centre for Research and Development and on the board of the National Key Cluster Interizon. Marcin is also a devoted family man, a proud husband and father of three.


Piotr Bucki

I help companies and entrepreneurs hone their message and make better decisions. I always use science based methods rooted in cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics. I put theory in practice working with companies in Australia, Chile, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Slovenia and Poland. And I constantly learn to broaden my perspective. Every year I analyse more than 500 startup and sales pitches, helping them hone their message for competitions like Chivas Global Venture, Wolves Summit, PODIM Challenge or VOOM Pitch to Richard Branson  competition. I help scientists with grant application presentations, startups with investor pitches and marketing research and companies with sales strategies.

Mike Bradshaw

Mike Bradshaw, a.k.a Sensei, does the actual day-to-day running of AppCademy. He is known for; being the dis-organiser of BarCamp Helsinki and other un-conferences, drinking coffee (and the occasional beer) at Startup Sauna and other startup venues (and on occasion has been known to help the residents at these places with their pitching and presentation skills). Mike is also a co-driver with the Travelling Salesman , has been a host at Hub Helsinki, and is a holder of a British passport.



Jarmo Kuusivuori

M&A Advisor. Jarmo has led more than forty acquisitions as well as acted as an advisor in tens of transactions. Our focus in buying or selling the company is the culture fit. We will spot the possible advantages or disadvantages and tackle them in advance. With the culture fit your deal will either succeed or fail. Together with the optimal price this is the key factor for both sides and for all the other people involved. We specialise in small and medium size companies cross borders in Nordic, CEE markets and also globally. We know best the ICT segment, and are also familiar with industries like chemical, clean tech, energy, facility technology, media & PR and other services.