Chcesz do nas dołączyć, ale nie wiesz czy Ci się spodoba? Zapraszamy Cię na specjalną wycieczkę po O4 gdzie pokażemy wszystkie najważniejsze rzeczy i opowiemy Ci o co w tym wszystkim chodzi!

    Nasza ekipa oprowadzi Cię i odpowie na wszelkie pytania. Zapraszamy do nas w ciągu tygodnia, wycieczka trwa około pół godziny :) Zarezerwuj termin:

    Tell us about yourself!

    Home Break – work whenever you want!

    The home office, which initially seemed to be heaven on earth, quickly showed its downside. Focus problems, because children will not do math alone, problems with the Internet, neighbor’s house repairs disturbed work-life balance – these are just a few of the many disadvantages of working from home that we hear from you. For those who have to work from home for various reasons, we have prepared a special membership option! You don’t have to work for the whole month, you don’t have to come at certain times. You don’t need to have a company to take advantage of our offer!

    Do you work from home and feel you need a change of scenery, even just for a moment?

    You are hosting a webinar or taking part in an important online meeting and you care about efficient and fast Internet?

    You love your children with all your heart, but completing the project requires deeper concentration and the sought-after silence?

    You like to talk to someone other than your closest circle?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, then our HOME BREAK package is definitely for you!

    • 4 days of work at O4 – whenever you want! Take a break from your home office and drop by. Work comfortably, creatively and quietly.
    • 2 hours of conference rooms! For meetings both face-to-face and online.
    • Printer and scanner! Included in the package price, you can print up to 50 pages of prints, you can scan at will!
    • Warsztatownia O4! It is a series of on-line workshops with the best specialists. We are familiar with no competences. Your membership gives you a 10% discount on each workshop.
    • Community & Networking! Meet new people! Do you want to meet people from your industry and exchange experiences, or maybe you are looking for a business partner, let us know and we will introduce you to the right people.

    Close to your home, reliable internet, a room only for you, peace of mind, calm and safe space – all at an unseemly low price! Because we believe that it is worth helping 🙂

    PRICE 198, 00 zł (VAT included)

    And if you still don’t know yet whether O4 Coworking is a place for you, make an appointment with us, we will show you around the space, get to know us and you will see what your options are! BOOK A TOUR 🙂

    Do you want to know more? Let me know! phone: 795 600 971

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