Our Team



Managing Director,

a person responsible for the whole project.

“I am still learning to delegate responsibilities, so the majority of my affairs are redirected to those who are simply better. This does not change the fact that I like to know a lot – am always eager to hear about all your challenges, needs and ideas related to O4’s four pillars: Smart Space, Financing, Go Global and Education ( last one is my favourite!). ”

Email: marta.moksa@o4.network, mobile: + 48 502 470 884



Chief Innovation Officer,

he is the source of all the good and/or strange ideas that are developing O4.

“My passion is Ironman. Moim żywiołem jest Ironman. The one from the comic books (am crazy about the gadgets, new technologies and innovations) and the one related to sports (I never work only in one discipline, I always do a lot of things at the same time). I am the person of contact with all matters related to our budget and the development of our space – it is a field in which I am making the fest and most binding decisions.”

Email: tomasz.wozniak@o4.network



Event Manager,

the first, last and best contact if you want to know more about all the events, conferences and meeting.

Email: agata.bucko@o4.network, mobile: +48 795 600 760







Project Manager


Email: martyna.czarnobaj@o4.network, mobile: +48 795 600 764




Student Relations Manager


Email: joanna.gerke@o4.network, mobile: +48 501 527 637