23 August 2016


Black Pearls VC is an investment fund established to support the development of Polish innovations. It is a team of creative, dynamic and experienced professionals working together to develop innovation. The team consists of Polish and international experts with interdisciplinary competences. They rely on close co-operation between science and business. Their key motto is: Smart Business Ventures.

What we do: changing the world for the better by supporting the development of technologies that improve the quality of life.
We are best in: in the implementation of innovations for the company to achieve market success.
Our biggest success is: that with all the success we still want more.
Our ideal client is: a one that has a great idea, a team and the desire to succeed.
Our plans for the future? Keep on growing.
Outside of work, our passion is: each of us has a different passion, because we are a team of individuals. Varietas delectat ?

Website http://www.blackpearls.vc/

Where are they: O4/Floor 1/Room 1.8

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