2 November 2016

Winning Moves in O4 Q&A.

1.    What do we do?

We produce board games, mostly “Monopoly” but also games like: “Guess who”, “Cluedo” and a card game “The battle”. Our main job are the licenced games such as “FC Barcelona”, “Legia Warszawa”, “PRL” or “Game of Thrones”. Other games we make on a special order for companies eg. games for amusement parks such as “JuraPark” and “Energylandia.”

2.   We know most about: providing board games from the most famous brand in the world, which are tailor-made for our customers.

2.    What others can learn from us?

Flexibility and patience.

3.    Our biggest success is:

City editions – we have created the game “Monopoly” for cities. We were able to move the “Monopoly” game to Gdansk and Krakow. This year we are going with a special Wrocław edition. We’ve also did the game “Warsaw interwar period”, which showed the pre-war Warsaw on the board “Monopoly”. Those are the games that are selling in huge amount in the local community.

4.    Our ideal client is: a is one that sees the potential in our games.

5.    Our plans for the future: 

We are building the distribution sector and developing our city editions.

6.    Outside of work, our passion is family life, water and winter sports.

Website: www.winningmoves.co.uk

Where are they: O4/Floor2/Room2.13

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